Saturday, 16 May 2015

Thank you Cravendale, but it wasn't sour.

Anyone who has ever accidentally drank or smelt sour milk will be able to identify it immediately. I am pretty sure of that. However what would you think if you found that the milk you had just poured over your cereal tasted and smelt of rotten fish? I am pretty sure that we will all agree that these pungent tones are somewhat different to that of simply milk that is 'on the turn'.

I have used filtered milk for years, and have ingested sour milk on several occasions but nothing at all that came close to rotten fish, but that's what happened to me last week. Cravendale (Arla Foods) have been faultless as regards to customer service and today I received 4 shiny vouchers for free replacement bottles, along with and apology for the poor storage of my purchased milk. So can't fault them at all for trying their best to make things right, but still no further forward in establishing what the hell caused that horrible taste and smell.

I half expected to see one of these at the bottom of my porridge bowl...

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